Why You Should Winterize Your HVAC Unit

An outside air conditioning unit, referred as an HVAC unit, keeps the home cool and dry during the summer. As the summer days transcends to chilly winters, it is advised to winterize your HVAC unit. But why does it assume so much importance?

Winterize your Heating and Air Conditioning System

One of the most common steps involved in winterizing your HVAC unit is sealing the air conditioning vents during the winter. This one particular step goes a long way in eliminating drafts inside the home. By keeping the chilly air at bay, you improve the efficiency of the furnace during the winter, thereby saving you money on your utilities.

Another benefit of a winterized HVAC unit is that it helps prevent minor HVAC issues. By keeping water and debris out of the equipment, clogs, rust damage and other minor issues can be eliminated. By cutting the power supply to the air conditioning unit during the winter, you can reduce your electricity bill and save money. Additionally, by turning off the exterior power of the Air conditioning unit, the chances of dripping small amounts of electricity from the circuits can be prevented.

Furthermore, when you winterize your HVAC unit, you clean the surrounding area, the leaves and the debris, giving a cleaner look to your house. Debris can hide the damage to the unit, and encourage clog and rust. A cleaner area makes it easier to winterize the equipment and protect them.

Winterizing also helps to improve the longevity of the equipment. Although the modern central air conditioners are equipped with the latest functionalities such as the weather control system, there are few components which do not respond well to the cold. Few simple steps taken at home can ensure that the unit is well-protected from snow and ice and continues to function at peak performance for the years thereon.

For the people who have never done it before, winterization is a do-it-yourself process and hardly takes a few minutes. The best time to start the preparation is early fall, just right before you close the windows and turn on the heater. It also helps you in keeping up with the seasonal maintenance needed for any equipment. The maintenance, in turn, maximizes the lifespan of your HVAC unit, which helps minimize the cost of maintaining the equipment.

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