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We had begun our summer with an unfortunate surprise… Our air conditioning system was circulating hot air throughout our home. We knew that the compressor was functioning properly because we could hear and see it working when we turned the system on; however, the air throughout the house continued to get hotter and hotter as if our own home was an oven.

Broken Air Conditioning System

Once we reached our breaking point, the temperature which normally is 71°F throughout the house, our upstairs level reached over 85°F and the temperature in the basement, where it is usually too cold (68°F), reached approximately 78°F. Needless to say, it was miserable.

Our request for an appointment from BAIR Necessities saved the day. Our family was tired of sweating within our own home and we were stunned to know it was a result of our own misunderstandings about the importance of HVAC maintenance.

Bair Necessities Heating & Cooling

Once Tyler Bair, the son of Terry Bair (The President of BAIR Necessities), arrived at our townhouse, he appeared to be well prepared to fix any issue that he may have encountered.

He proceeded to diagnose the problems which were afflicting our system and immediately requested to know where our compressor was located. Once he saw the unit outside, he notified us that most likely it was in poor health. He then removed the metal sheath which protects the inner coils and we then realized why our system had begun to fail.

We both were astounded by the ton of leaf, dust and other particles which had unwelcomingly attached itself to our external HVAC unit. He indicated that our system appeared to be in the condition and was working in a fashion as if it were over 40 years old. The high level of debris covering to the coils was a contributory factor in preventing our system from working properly.

HVAC Heating and Cooling System Maintenence

After approximately an hour of cleaning our coils, Tyler went inside to inspect our internal HVAC unit. He used his smart phone to record a video in order to see the fins within of our electric resistance heat pump and he noticed that there was a substantial amount of dirt and a ton of dust inside as well.

Heating and Cooling System Maintenence - Cleaning Coils Inside External HVAC Unit

He disconnected the pipe(s) and cut a slit through the outer cover in order to access the coils within. He then used a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the substances covering the most important part of the cooling system.

HVAC Maintenence - Inspecting Internal Heat Pump Unit

HVAC Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Inspection

Once he properly cleaned the internal unit, he began to test the temperature of the air passing throughout the system. He inserted a digital thermometer within the duct and after patiently waiting, we both noticed that the maintenance job was not completed. Our system was still blowing hot air.

Given this unfortunate reality, we realized it would take 1-2 more hours to complete the job. Tyler went to his truck to retrieve more tools and came back with several meters, tanks of the latest coolants, and more high tech HVAC equipment.

R22 Freon Gas Refidgerant - Green Tanks and Scale for Freon for HVAC systems

He measured the current pressure within the coolant reservoir and the gauges indicated that out of the seven pounds of refrigerant which our system ought to have, we only had two pounds of R22 Freon left.

Immediately, Tyler went back out to his truck and he brought two green bottles of R22 with him. He connected the canisters to our external unit and began to refill the refrigerant within our system. He used a digital scale upon which the tank of coolant was set and he also continuously monitored a pressure gauge.

Measuring HVAC System Coolant Levels

Once the outdoor unit reached its full capacity, it was time to check how the temperature of the air circulating inside. Luckily, everything he did solved our system’s problem which was trifold. Due to the fact that we hadn’t gotten maintenance often enough our external unit was completely clogged, our internal unit was ridden with dust and our Freon had been depleted.

BAIR Necessities, Annapolis, Gambrills, Millersville, Arnold, Glen Burnie Maryland HVAC Contractor

We are so very grateful for BAIR Necessities and their expertise within the field of heating and cooling systems. Without their help we truly would be in a lot of pain. We recommend that everyone keeps their HVAC systems maintained because we have experienced the ramifications of not doing so. Call BAIR Necessities today to make sure that you don’t let your heating and cooling system fail during the most important time of year.

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