Heating Technologies Available in the Market

The advancement of technology has led to eco-friendly technology designed to prevent or slow down the damage on our environment. This advancement has also created various options of heating technology to warm your houses. The various options can lead to confusion while the buyer is trying to pick the perfect heating technology for their house. Therefore, to help you understand, given below is a list of heating technologies and their benefits.

  • Heat Pumps:

    Heat Pump HVAC Systems
    A heat pump is a term that is usually applied to various HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), which are used either to heat or cool a space. Among the heat pumps, the most common one is the electric heat. This pump releases heat into a conditioned space. The pumps pull heat through a cooler external air or it can draw heat through the ground. Renewable heat is used from the surroundings in this device, which is one of its strongest factors. With high energy efficiency, the heat pump technology is diverse and is capable for variety building contexts. But the main factor is that the device can be emission-free only if it is driven based on the electricity produced using renewable energy sources that are photovoltaics or wind power.

  • Radiant Heat:

    Radiant Heat HVAC Systems
    This is a great option for a brand new home. The heat radiating from a particular surface is used to heat a certain area in the house. This enables the device to directly provide heat to floor panels, ceiling or the wall. The strong point of radiant heat is that it is capable of evenly distributing the heat. This it does because of the in-floor hot water tubing. The heated water running from the tubes is normally heated with the help of a boiler, which can be operated on natural gas, oil, electricity, wood, propane, or solar.

  • Forced Air:

    Forced Air HVAC Systems
    This can be used for heating and cooling purposes. In this system, a furnace is used, which heats the air and forces the air by the way of registers and ductwork. Ductwork is basically a system incorporating pipes or channels called ducts that carry air through the various rooms of the house. This ductwork then carries the air to the registers that are made of small vents. The fuel used for the furnace can be natural gas, oil, or electricity. The best part of the forced air is that it can humidify and dehumidify the air. This makes the surroundings quite comfortable.

  • Solar Thermal Systems:

    Solar Thermal HVAC Systems
    This is perhaps one of the best options. In a solar thermal system, the sunlight is converted into heat by the solar collectors. If the system is large it can help in heating the space. This is an excellent option as the system saves energy and moreover, it significantly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide since this system solely works on the solar system, which is freely available.

  • Geothermal Systems:

    Geothermal HVAC Systems
    Geothermal heating and cooling systems are by far the best option. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the earth's constant subterrainean temperature (approximately 57° F in Maryland) which acts as a heat sink during the summer months and as a heat source during the winter months. Geothermal heat pumps circulate a water and antifreeze solution through pipes which are placed in bore holes which reach depths of over 300 feet. Since the temperature undergroud remains constant 365 days per year, it is possible to use this renewable energy source to establish a baseline temperature which enable geothermal HVAC systems to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

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