Cost Effective Cooling Technologies

Global warming has made it necessary to have the right systems installed to regulate temperature indoors. However, there are some economical methods that help supplement the effect of these systems. Here are some of these techniques that are effective:Cost Effective Cooling Technologies

Every mechanism has within it an inbuilt cooling system, be it the mechanical transmission, automobile or automotive machines. Once a mechanical transmission starts to overheat, it loses its lubricating capacity. Further overheating in electronic motor, causes deterioration of insulation. This is exactly where a cooling system comes in handy. The simplest way of cooling is liquid to liquid cooling. This system uses the heat through the intermediate heat exchanger without fouling the heat exchanger. This system works only with the close loop pump with additional energy, which is quiet inexpensive. Another alternative technology is the closed loop drying cooling system. It works very much like a radiator in a car. This system is easy to install as well as low on maintenance.

Apart from these two cost effective cooling technologies, here are a few tips that can be easy done at home:

  • The easiest way is to reduce the cooling load for cost effective conservative measures. The best way is to avoid heat on the eastern and western windows.
  • Avoid activities such as dish washing till sunset. It causes excess heating.
  • Always try and ventilate at night either naturally or through fans and keep the house close tight during the day. Window fans are a good option for ventilation but they should be kept on the down side of the house.
  • Always allow fresh air by keeping doors and windows open in each room. Use ceiling fans to increase the comfort level.
  • During the months of summer season, plant trees around the house. Don’t plant trees on the South if you want to benefit from passive solar heating in the winter.
  • If your old air conditioner needs to be replaced, replace it with an outdoor compressor which is modern and highly effective. If you’re buying a new one, ensure that it is of the proper size and energy usage.
  • In hot, humid climates, make sure that the air conditioner you buy will adequately get rid of high humidity. Models with variable or multi-speed blowers are generally the best. Try to keep moisture sources out of the house.
  • To maintain your air conditioner, keep it in shade and clean its filter from time to time. Try and keep the air conditioner off if you leave the room for more than an hour.
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