Air Conditioning and Efficiency

When the temperature is at its peak and the dog days of summers are in the background, then air conditioning becomes a must-have amenity in offices everywhere. Undoubtedly, the first wave of cool air feels stunning when you step inside your office after facing an extremely hot weather outside.

Air Conditioning & Efficiency Is Important During the Dog Days of Summer

However, offices usually set the AC at drastically low temperature. For a while, it seems comforting, but is it good overall? The initial research shows that air conditioning has increased productivity by at least 25%. Also, the non-attendance of workers also got drastically low. The Air Conditioning experts at BAIR Necessities are fully aware of this behavior.

A fact

We are a warm-blooded animal and to feel comfortable, we need the temperature in a specific range.

How air conditioning impacts human efficiency?

Different studies have proven that high temperatures of summers contribute to high levels of stress, frustration, exhaustion. This is the basic reason for the decrease in human efficiency during summers. In the past, there was an analysis done by a well-known Economist at Yale University known as William Nordhaus. He observed that people working in cooler conditions generate significantly 12 times more economic production when compared with people working in hot climates. Now only the hot temperature but humidity also plays a leading role in human efficiency.

Air Conditioning Impacts Human Productivity

If the climate is very humid, then air gets heavier and travels differently. This causes the human body to work harder in maintaining the body temperature. The sweat doesn’t evaporate easily making it harder for the body to maintain its temperature. Obviously, lack of air conditioning in your firm will have adverse impacts on the output. Therefore, to keep the outputs at the best level your office should have air conditioning in warmer waters.

Too low temperature can have adverse effects

On the contrary, if the air conditioning temperature is set too low then it can hamper productivity. As a matter of fact, it negatively impacts human efficiency. The latest research says that the productivity goes down when people are freezing in full AC. Nevertheless, people wearing light clothes when AC starts blasting cool air in summers are also mainly responsible for it. Too cold temperature can act as a distraction from the work. Often, people do activities like rubbing their hands and walking around when feeling cold in the office.

Ways to sort it out

By following a few guidelines, one can increase comfort and productivity concurrently. Usually, management is responsible for regulating the temperature, but a better option is when people have control over the temperature of their workspace. There are some smartphone apps like Comfy can help a little. However, with a commercial air conditioning, this method is not much effective. So, another simple method to tackle this problem is by covering sensitive body parts like ankles, bare feet, and neck. Additionally, by including chairs featuring upholstered seats in the office can also give warmth to the workers.


Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

The bottom line is air conditioning can bring positive impact on the efficiency of the human resource only if opted with proper methods. Whether you have to install, customize or repair air conditioning equipment for your office, then call the experts from BAIR Necessities

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