9 Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance

Be it the scorching three-digit temperature or the single digit cold waves, your HVAC system pipes in to be your support through every season. A cozy warm home in the numbing winters and a cool calming zone in the summers is something that you look forward to and a fully functional HVAC system can guarantee just that.

9 Signs That Your HVAC Systems Needs Maintenance

To ensure that your heating or cooling remains unaltered your equipment needs routine checks and servicing, however there are some telltale signs, which indicate that your unit is in need of some maintenance:

Listen to what your bills say.

Are you noticing a gradual increase in the amount you pay for energy? Then it is a possibility that the HVAC system in your home is not working efficiently anymore.

Is your kitchen hotter than your bedroom in the summer?

Equipment malfunction coupled with duct problems or insufficient insulation may cause certain rooms to experience unfavorable temperatures.

Old may be gold but when it comes to your HVAC system old may put your comfort on hold.

Is your HVAC system 15 years old or more? It may be time to invest in a new one. Extensively long operations could cause several abnormalities in the day-to-day functioning of your heating and cooling units.

9-hour workdays render your home lonely?

If you and your significant other leave home for most of the day and then ensure that you get yourself a thermostat that is programmable so that you start saving energy and money while away at work or asleep.

Has your HVAC repair guy been a frequent visitor over the past couple years?

Your unit functions not very differently from the human body. In our last years the medical bills and visits to the doctor become more and more frequent. Similarly, the HVAC system in your house needs the most amounts of maintenance and repair work in its last few years. Take it as a sign and invest in new one.

Does it seem like a very noisy ghost is haunting your home?

If a sudden rattle or popping sound has been startling you from time to time or your blower decides to turn off and on its own it means that you need to call a professional to check out your HVAC system soon. These hauntings are typical signs that your unit is living its last few moments of perfect functionality.

And it was all yellow?

If the flame color of your furnace flame has changed from blue to yellow it could mean that your furnace is now responsible for producing carbon monoxide, which in damaging quantities can prove to be fatal. The moment to notice this color change you should leave the house and summon a professional. Needless to say, it could be time to change your heating and cooling units.

Not so done and dusted?

If your home has been facing an excessive dust issue lately, your HVAC system with clogged air filters or leaking duct could be to blame. Try getting it serviced and repaired by replacing the filters and sealing the ducts but if that doesn’t prove to be successful then you’re facing malfunctioning HVAC equipment.

On. Off. On off. Off. Off. Off.

This one is really simple, if your HVAC equipment seizes to come on then there may be an issue with the AC compressor or the thermostat. If it’s more than 10 years old, there is a good chance it may never come on again. Ensure your consistent comfort by investing in new equipment before its too late.

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